The company was formed in 2006 after it became apparent that there was a need for a sub contract electronics manufacturer able to offer quality, keen pricing and service customers requiring between 200 and 20,000 pcb’s per month.

Opportunities were available as major electronics organisations in south Wales such as Panasonic, Sony, Thomson, AB Electronics and Aiwia, all down sized, or closed completely, moving production to China or other cheap labour destinations.


Able have recruited experienced management, engineers and operators from these companies. The knowledge that the management team have of the industry and the contacts developed through many years in the business, means that Able also has a waiting list of skilled engineers and technicians, eager to join to support business expansion.

The management believe that the purchase of high quality production equipment, together with the occupation of purpose-built premises means that facilities available are probably better than any SME electronics sub contractor in the UK.


The company philosophy is to provide flexible sub contract electronic manufacturing solutions, in a quality orientated environment, that offers the keenest possible pricing. Able have recently gained ISO9001 Quality Accreditation and have also instigated an Investors In People programme.

Able intend to remain an SME keeping an important ‘family atmosphere’ within the company. This will enable virtual zero staff turnover which, together with keenly controlled overheads, help maintain the low pricing model.

3 high-speed lead-free surface mount lines consisting of the following equipment which has the capability of placing 100,000 components an hour.

Panasonic MV2F high speed placement machines – Qty 2

Panasonic MV2C high speed placement machine – Qty 1

Panasonic GS1 fine pitch placement machines – Qty 2

Panasonic MPA3 fine pitch placement machine – Qty 1

Panasonic HDP3 glue dispensers – Qty 2

DEK 288 screen printing machines – Qty 2


Auto insert equipment which has the capability of placing 10,000 components an hour and consisting of:

Universal uni mod dip machine – Qty 1

Panasonic RH radial machines – Qty 2

Panasonic AVF axial machines – Qty 2


Lead-free hand assembly lines consisting of:

Soltec wave solder machines with spay flux facilities – Qty 2

HP 3070 in-circuit test macine – Qty 1


Box Build

Final assembly / box build lines – Qty 2

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