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If you're developing a new piece of technology or an arcade game we can assist with the development of prototype units.

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Motherboard Production

Our highly skilled staff create motherboards by hand, ensuring all connections are secure and that you motherboards will last for years to come.

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Tech Development

Looking to development some new electronic technology and need experts to help with the electronics and programming? Let us help.

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The Able Contract Electronics Guarantee

“To limit its customer base to around 15 companies who will benefit from exceptional service, quality and pricing”

Arcade Games DeveloperFull Product Build

Able has been happy to provide seat assembly, electronics integration, wiring looms and full product testing. Space and production capacity has few constraints for Able.


About Us

The company was formed in 2006 after it became apparent that there was a need for a sub contract electronics manufacturer able to offer quality, keen pricing and service customers requiring between 200 and 20,000 pcb’s per month.

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This is where the answer to your frequently asked question would be…

This is where the answer to your frequently asked question would be…

Our Projects


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15 Jun

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